Put Gratitude first in everything that you do.


Through all my life, this must be the best lesson I have learned. In fact, during this summer *soul searching* “gratitude” is one thing that really gave so much miracles and blessings in my life.

Most people won’t believe it, some might make fun of it but I can’t help sharing this because it’s true and these things will only happen once you try it. Knowing the meaning of gratitude and only being thankful once the blessings are received is entirely different by living in gratitude in all aspect of life.

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May 23rd, 2012
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Product Review: Purifying Dead Sea Mud Mask

Yes and I have been busy due to personal reasons and because.. well, it’s summer. We all have our own times. I just still want to update my site and blog about this new found product I got from Watsons.

It’s quite a cheap product compared to other facial masks. If I remember it right, you can purchase one sachet of the Purifying Dead Sea Mud Mask for around P83.00 – I can’t be too exact but it shouldn’t exceed P100.00. However, even though it’s a cheap buy, I would say not to ignore this product – it has quality and I think people shouldn’t just ignore the goodness this product has to offer. Plus, one sachet of this facial mask can be used for around 2-3 times, it will ofcourse depends how much application you put on to your face and neck. (I don’t know for some but it I didn’t really used a lot on my first try.)
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Product Review: Etude House, Dear My Blooming Lip Talk Lipstick

I super love the new product from Etude House, Dear My Blooming Lips Talk Lipstick. I just wouldn’t go out without applying this to my lips, especially If I’m going out on a date with that special person – one I love most! Read the rest of this entry »

May 6th, 2012
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Dashing Diva’s Eyebrow Waxing

I use to shape my eyebrows by going to the salon to have an eyebrow threading for every 3 weeks. Unfortunately, because of my hectic schedule, there are times when I wasn’t able to give time to pamper myself. It was a good thing I was able to go out with my friends yesterday for some shopping, food trip, a few hang-outs and girl talk.

We went to Dashing Diva in Beauty Bar located at Greenbelt 5 to pamper ourselves. I actually wanted to have my nails done but out of the blue, I just decided to give their eyebrow waxing service a try. I have always did threading on my eyebrows but never tried waxing. It was a new experience for me and I was also quite scared about it, since I don’t know how it will actually turn out.

After a few minutes of prayer and nervousness…

The first photo is what it looked like right after the eyebrow waxing service. The second photo is what it looks like when the redness has subsided down.

Yes, it became quite reddish at first but subdued right after a few minutes. It was a fast and good service unlike when I had to do threading sessions, I would almost tear up because of the pain. So I would really say that it’s worth it.

Plus, I get to have free ice tea,too! HAHA!

Rating: ★★★★★

May 6th, 2012
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This is just a short entry update just to tell you guys how much I am thankful for each and everyone of you. I started this new domain website (aishakristine.com) during May 16, 2012 and in just a matter of 18 days, I’ve already reached a Google Page Rank of 2.

How amazing is that?!

I just couldn’t have done this without my viewers, subscribers and daily readers and visitors coming on my website, delivering an appropriate amount of traffic daily.

To show my gratitude to everyone, I sponsored a candy bag in Babyvox’s upcoming giveaway contest. Feel free to visit her website for more details and information.

Thank you for the continued support, take care and have a lovely day to all!

May 5th, 2012
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From a Man’s Point of View: What Girls Should Know about Men

Since everyone has been requesting for love and relationship articles as a follow-up on my previous entry, 100 Guy Secrets Every Woman Must Know, I’m very proud to share this entry that my good friend, Anton Amoncio, originally wrote – for all the ladies out there!

Who of you didn’t encountered heartbreaks at all? We all did, even I did. Some women can really be nuts, crazy, unreasonable and stupid when it comes to love. *chuckles* Then again, that’s what makes love remarkable and mysterious. It’s the fact that it’s beyond logic and reasoning alone. A lot of women tend to forget a thing or two when it comes to love, relationships and dating.

So, here’s what Anton Amoncio has to say to all the ladies out there…

So here’s the thing. Not all men are the same. Some are there just to play you around like a video game and others are rooting for a good relationship.

If you want to be treated with reverence, read the following.

1.) If you want men to stop playing you, stop bitching around.
2.) Don’t expect pity from people. The so-called “Sympathy Card” doesn’t exist anymore. Survival of the fittest. You slip and break your ankle, you stand up by yourself.
3.) If you, yourself a whore expects to bump into a decent man who drives a Mercedes Benz and earns a 100 grand a month, then stop dreaming. No decent man would date someone like you. He would go for a woman that’s equally capable of doing the things that he could. (not for every woman…well some)
4.) Men want women that they could take home to the folks.
5.) Boys love to date girls that are easy to get. Real men love to go through all the trouble/s just to take a decent woman out.
6.) No gentleman would ever think of dumping an amazing woman. It’s a one-time investment and there’s no turning back. Only an idiot would.
7.) No intentions of contradicting the points I’ve raised above but shit happens. There are times that even the “almost perfect woman” gets played around by some brainless bastard. Another thing that makes a woman great is the way she gathers all her wits, rise from her fall, ponder on all the things she has done wrong, wear a smile then move forward.
8.) A woman who doesn’t have self-control, self-esteem and self-worth would only get a chance to date men that are in it for sex, desperate, disgusting, no room for growth, weak and pathetic.
9.) Sex is never a past-time. If you throw your wad around for men to feast on then congratulations! You’ve just made yourself a city-whore! It would be hard to build yourself up again. So before you do this, try to save yourself!
10.) Show men how truly amazing you are. Try not to put make-up on before leaving your house, wear something simple because that smile of yours is already enough to turn us men head over heels.
11.) Never settle for less if you can always have the best.
12.) The only person that knows you best is YOURSELF!
13.) Be the woman that you want your son in the future to fall in-love with.
14.) You may be judged, criticized and abused a couple of times. Don’t let those things mold you to something you’re not. In fact, you have the capacity to prove them wrong and rub it all on their faces.
15.) When a couple of men break your heart, don’t lose hope. Those experiences should definitely make you stronger and to know what NOT to do next time.
16.) Never lose hope.

Lost hope -> loss of self-confidence / self – esteem -> desperation -> loss of self-control -> vulnerability -> easy prey to assholes

17.) Drinking more than the usual / doing drugs or things that would cause self-destruction is never the key to finding geniune joy. True joy is found when you realize your true potential. Rise up, walk it off, smile and laugh at your mistake/s. Getting drunk or high would only ease the pain temporarily and would only fuck your system up in the long run.
18.) You don’t beg or ask for respect. You earn it.
19.) All women are perfect in their own unique ways.
20.) Your beauty inside matters most. Your outer beauty is just part of the package

ONE LOVE, from my heart to yours.


I hope this entry be treated as a reminder to all the ladies to always remember, you are worth it and you deserve the best in life. You deserve to be treated right, to be loved and to be pleased.

True love happens – it’s never rushed and it always takes two people to work out a relationship – not one, but two.

I hope everyone enjoyed this blog update. Feel free to comment your thoughts, opinions and if you still have some time, please share this to your friends, too. =)

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May 3rd, 2012
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