Les Moda, “The Fashion!”

Few days ago, I started browsing some online shops since I am having the “itch” to purchase items I might get fond of. I am quite the picky type and I rarely get to find a lot of items that suits my taste, until I found this online shop in Facebook, Les Moda. It’s a new online shop out in the market right now formed by two loving couples named, Bella & Kevin. Read the rest of this entry »

April 17th, 2012
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Get rid of Varicose Veins Naturally

The very known varicose and spider veins are the ones we normally see in different parts of our skin’s surface. There are so many explanations and reasons of its cause. Physicians and a lot of known experts believe that some of the major causes of varicose veins is because of heredity and pregnancy issues.

While most people think that this is a done deal that can be experience by everyone through age and can only be removed from surgical treatments; There are also a lot of ways to naturally improve the appearance of varicose veins, completely removing them. Read the rest of this entry »

April 15th, 2012
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Bloggers Meet-up!

During the first week of April, I’ve met up with some of my very close blogger friends. I even consider these people as my real friends who will always be there for me. *yes, it’s already proven!*

Though I am very far from Makati, I always want to set up a bloggers meet-up in Greenbelt.

It’s just my favorite place to be! No, but seriously.. I just like being in Greenbelt because compared going to Trinoma, SM, Greenhills or MOA – it’s less crowded. There are a lot of places to go, a lot of cool and known boutiques to check out, so many restaurant choices to dine-in and even just to chill and hang out with your closest friends or family.

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April 14th, 2012
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Hot Yoga for a Healthy, Fit & Happy “YOU”!

Whether it’s summer, winter, autumn or fall – almost everyone wants to lose weight; there’s just no season to it. Most of you must have already tried going to the gym, dieting, have tried out slimming pills and tried playing different sports just to stay fit and be active to keep your body moving. Unfortunately, we all come to a point that not everyone of us can stick to the same routine for a whole lifetime. There are times we also need to change the way to do things and challenge ourselves that we may be able to achieve our desired outcome. May that be on your skin care regimen, the food you eat or your exercise routine you usually undergo.

If you have tried almost everything and still unsatisfied with the way your weight loss turned out to be or maybe you are looking for a different exercise method that is effective and guaranteed to make you lose weight; I would suggest you give hot yoga a try.

If you still didn’t know, yoga is not just something that a woman does – a lot of men spends time with yoga as well. It’s because putting yoga in your lifestyle doesn’t just make you lose weight and promotes good skin; It also release your daily stress and gives you inner peace within yourself.

Regardless if you are underweight, overweight or whatever level of fitness you may have – it’s never too late to start Yoga. It’s even amazing how a few poses and stretching can detoxify your body, clear your mind and spirit giving every part of your body system a whole work out including your internal organs, veins, muscles and just everything!

Few tips to consider when attending Hot Yoga classes:

1. Just make sure you bring and drink lots of water while you go to your yoga classes
2. Eat least 3 hours earlier before the session starts. (Eat less to maximize the benefit of the class!)
3. Do make sure to bring towels to wipe your sweat off as hot yoga classes brings you to a room where there is a higher heating temperature than the normal ones.

Why choose HOT YOGA?

Hot Yoga changes your body inside and out – from your bones to your skin. These changes doesn’t happen overnight but it’s effective when you heat and soften up your body for it to be more flexible. In simple terms, by performing hot yoga you are able to engage your body to focus on deep breathing using heat to sweat out and detoxify the impurities from your body. As you practicing hot yoga, you will be able to remove your anxieties, toxins and be able to lose weight effectively as the result.

Lastly, just have fun and enjoy every single moment of it. You will not only be fit and healthier but you will also be happier every day of your life!