The Magic – One word changes everything!


If you loved The Secret and The Power, you will definitely love The Magic. In case you don’t know, these books are all written by Rhonda Bryne which talks about the secret, power and magic of life to how everything is possible to happen and how everything you wished for can be granted – only if you believed.
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April 30th, 2012
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Today, I decided to do a video blog showcasing my top 5 chosen products for the month of April 2012. I’d like to do this as a monthly basis to feature some of the product that I feel deserves a lot of credit based on their benefits and features.

Pardon me as this is my first video blog and I am not very good in editing videos & not yet used to talking by myself in front of the computer, lol! I’d try to do something better for the month of May *or maybe find someone who can help me with that, hopefully!* and for my other upcoming next videos soon, so stay tune for that everyone! I hope you get to like to this and learn from it and if not.. then just give it a laugh for the humor of it, haha!

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April 30th, 2012
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Product Review: Revlon’s Nail Enamel – Pink Chiffon

Rating: ★★★★☆

Since I believe that colors defines our auras and mood, I make it to a point to always have my nails cleaned and changed its polish on a weekly basis. I like a lot of pink shades as my nail polish but this is the first time I was using Revlon’s Nail Enamel, Pink Chiffon.

I normally wouldn’t use this as my nail polish but since I just watched an American old movie, “Yes Man” few days ago, I decided to just go for it. I mean, what’s there to lose? Why not give it a try, right? If it’s an opportunity and you know in your heart you wanted it, why not? Okay enough about the movie and my own rambles.

Revlon Nail Enamel gives up to 10 days of lasting color and shine. Their exclusive silk-protein shield works wonders to instantly help even out the surface of the nail while rising above color to automatically smooth away bubbles and streaks.

I did two coats for this nail polish. It was very striking to me at first but after looking at it for some time, I actually loved the results. It’s actually nice and it compliments a lot of my shoes and wedges, which happens rarely. It’s a pale pink pastel color has this creamy effect. Since it’s pastel, you might need to add more than two coats, it’s actually up to you but I like its color even with just two coats on.

Seriously, the colors didn’t chipped away immediately. Since I’m always busy and doing so much stuff and on the go, it it normally chips off during 2 to 3 but using this nail polish, the color stayed – Impressive!

PS. Pardon me for using my feet in the image above, I just had a foot spa and I really loved how clean and refreshed it went out. I totally love how the colors complimented my feet, too!

Erzullie’s Plus Size Model Search

It’s not everyday you would get to see a plus size model search. Thus, if you are a plus size, don’t waste this opportunity to try your luck and be their IT girl!

Requirements: High Fashion Plus Size Models

AGE: 18 – 28 YEARS OLD

– Must be able to wear sleeveless, tube, VERY high heeled shoes and shorts.
– Must be able to do runway and/or high fashion still poses and all the requirements pertaining to it
– Must have professional portfolio and is professional to work with
*Must be open to set terms of payment

Please send the following to our email:
with the Subject: PLUS SIZE MODEL GO-SEE


Minumum Photo Requirements:


Additional Photo Requirements:


Those who has been approved shall be emailed back and invited to the plus size go see within the month of October 2012.

*To be revealed when model is chosen for project.

Don’t forget to visit Erzulie’s Website to check out their gorgeous plus-size fashion forward clothing’s.

Plus Size Modeling Tip # 1
Plus Size Modeling Tip # 2

April 28th, 2012
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Treasure and Love Yourself

I am the type of person who didn’t spend most of my time looking in front of the mirror.

I am indeed a beauty blogger but it’s not the most important factor in my life. I am also into my own spirituality and inner peace. I believed in the metaphysics of life, law of attraction, positivity and I do a lot of positive affirmations, too. I was honestly very inspired when I found out that Miranda Kerr, an Australian Victoria Secret Model has the same values and beliefs as I do.

I used to really hate it when people tells me, “It’s okay. Things are going to work out. Just be positive.” I used to really dwell on the problem and drown myself into its negativity. It was never never a healthy habit and the more I do it, the more things get worst for me.

I’ve started reading self-help books such as The Secret and The Power by Rhonda Brynes. It’s an eye-opener not just for me but for everyone else. The book is really helpful, true and the positivity of its content really boosts my hopes and self-esteem.

Nothing is ever impossible and there is no such thing as loss of hope.
There is always something we can do regardless how drastic our situation can be.

Most of the time we ask for too much questions. We all know what we want, we never had to ask if it’s right or wrong. We already know the answers within ourselves but what limits us is our own thoughts and fears. We are all afraid of the outcome and get a lot of frustrations which causes us not to be able to think clearly. It’s not just positivity but it also has a relation to the manifestations of our desires.

You need to be positive, feel it and do something about it to make it all a reality. We all deserve the best in life, you deserve to be the happy person you can be. Ask for it, feel it as if its real and have fun. Yes, it’s like fooling yourself but who cares anyway?

A lot of my friends would tell me, why are you so lucky?
I can’t believe it happened to you and I was trying for it for so long and still didn’t happened.

Am I really lucky or was I just positive that I manifested everything in my life? It’s a mystery to me but this is how I have lived my life and I have always treated it as a blessing. All it takes it to just trust the universe, trust God, trust the law of attraction and everything else would come naturally to you.

In any case you are interested, I encourage everyone to purchase and read Miranda Kerr’s book, Treasure Yourself. It’s a very refreshing book. It tells a lot about Miranda Kerr’s life, journey, health and wellness tips and her own growth to spirituality, too.

April 27th, 2012
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Stretching for Weight Loss

Have you ever noticed why some people can eat a lot and still, you’d never see them gain too much weight and it’s not just about the metabolism or going to the gym to burn fat and doing a lot of body workout. Most of the time, all you need is a proper body posture and doing some regular body stretching on a daily basis would do the trick.

Did you know that Derek Ramsay, a Filipino-British model, actor, host in the Philippines, doesn’t gives too much time on AB workouts?


Most of the time, he states that he focuses more on sitting up straight and making sure he has a proper body posture.

In this time of age, most people would just sit in front of their laptops or computer having their eyes fixated and focus on its screen whether they are working, playing online games or maybe just facebook-ing and getting involved in a lot of social media networks.

Everything has become so technological that everything can be found on the internet, most of the things can be done just by using your computers and other gadgets.

Unfortunately, our body was not made to stay in one position for so long. As a human being, we are all made to move, be free, twist around in different directions – or simply jump for joy. It is very important to keep our blood flowing throughout our body, which is why most of the things can give immediate results in losing weight are yoga and boxing because these types of activity doesn’t just gives importance to stretching but it also gives us an overall workout.

While we all do understand that not everyone can give and commit so much time on these activity that can probably consume 60 to 90 minutes in a day, try to at least give 15 to 20 minutes every morning stretching out your body as you start the day. Doing some body stretching daily is not just good for your body but it is also good for your skin. It oxygenates the cells throughout your body, creating a radiant glow to the skin. It also helps removing toxins in our body and reduces cellulite as well.

So much to gain just by doing some stretching, right? Feel free to do this every morning as you start your day and every night before going to sleep.

April 26th, 2012
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