Mineral Makeup for a Beauty that Stands Out!

Using mineral makeup reveals your natural beauty. It creates a flawless finish that gives you a healthy glowing skin and it doesn’t feel like you wore makeup at all!

What’s more amazing in using mineral makeup is that is has a lot more benefits than using the regular, traditional makeup you can purchase over the counter. Besides, traditional makeup is harsh for the skin and has lots of harmful chemicals that clog your pores while mineral makeups are non-comedogenic. Would you believe that some women who have a lot of acne even find less irritation when using a mineral makeup? Plus, it has a sun protection, usually with SPF 15 which makes it even more better to use. You wouldn’t even feel that you applied any makeup on – totally weightless!
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March 27th, 2011
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The right way to take care of your hair

Every woman in this entire universe dreams for a soft, shiny and manageable hair. Next to your face, it’s the second thing you would want to take care of.. since it’s one of those things that immediately catches the attention of almost anyone you meet. May it be your crush, man of dreams, girlfriends or.. maybe your boss at work. Who knows? Whatever your case may be, it won’t hurt to always look your best and be presentable as you can be, right?
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March 7th, 2011
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