Go Glow!

Used to be just plain soap, and water to cleanse the face. Simple as that, women before, did not need to spend extra money to spend on facials, pricking, exfoliating, toning, rejuvenating and more. Yet, they had flawless skin. No cover ups, no makeup, just natural beautiful skin.


What happened? In an era of heavy makeup, pollution, sleepless nights, stress, social drinking… having a beautiful skin nowadays is a luxury. Spending for it has become a necessity. Is it really worth it? For some, no, for others, yes! Having a beautiful skin is synonymous to having a higher level of self confidence. A higher level of self confidence means a better chance at making it good in this life.
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April 16th, 2014
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How Do You Have Peace Within Yourself?

Calmness and Serenity are the things that gives you inner peace. Though taken for granted by most people – it’s one of the most beautiful things in life that each human beings to be able to feel, enjoy and have to their every day life.


Unfortunately, things don’t always go as planned. There are things that will disappoint us. There will be news that will surprise us. There will be stressful situation in our everyday life. How do we attain inner peace within ourselves when undergoing these things? It’s not easy – it takes a change of mindset, lifestyle and practice one step at a time.
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April 15th, 2014
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Confessions: Why I’m LUCKY and HAPPY to LOVE and BE LOVED

Now, I am normally not the type to blog about very personal things especially with my love life but I am making an exception for today. I normally just write on my personal journal or me and my boyfriend’s secret online journal in Tumblr whenever I feel like expressing my feelings and thoughts. I am making an exception this time because.. I want to share everyone how happy I truly am and I believe – he deserves that kind of acknowledgement, too.

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April 13th, 2014
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The Role of the Psychic in Modern Society

Clairvoyants and psychics have been an important part of many cultures ever since the foundation of civilisation. Those who have clairvoyant abilities were once given very high ranking positions in society, such as shamans, high priests, witch doctors and village elders – because they had direct contact with the mysterious forces that govern our lives.


However, the modern-day psychic is very different than these old fashioned mysterious and exotic fortune tellers. If you believe that a psychic will reveal the face of your future love in her crystal ball, this is not really how it works.
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April 13th, 2014
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5 Top Hair Trends This Spring

Are you in need of a hair update? You are in luck. With spring just around the corner, all of the popular spring hairstyles are emerging. This is the perfect time for you to change up your style.

Even better, many of the top hair trends for spring are easy to implement.


They are great for on-the-go businesswomen, stay-at-home moms, or the girls in between!
Try the following five popular options!
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April 10th, 2014
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Top 5 #Fashion Favorite Must Have: WIGS!

Now we can go on and on talking about what kind of accessory will suit you on a specific occasion but as for me nothing ever beats getting a wig as a fashion must have accessory!

Beauty Portrait. Curly Hair

There are so many reasons why I love them and one of its reason is that it saves me time into fixing my hair – Plus, you get to look instantly beautiful as it changes your entire look and aura overall. Thus, a wig is always at the top of my wish list!
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April 5th, 2014
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